About Tapestry

Introducing Tapestry

Lisa jumping at sunset

Tapestry is an educational nonprofit (501c3) working on behalf of all living beings and the planet.

Tapestry houses educational programs in the field of anymal studies and anymal activism. In 2018, Tapestry launched a mentoring program with Dr. Kemmerer, who works directly with activists, scholars, and classrooms around the world, on request, to help students plan and organize research, provide classroom (or conference) presentations in, and supports a rigorous international program of research and writing in the field of anymal studies.

Tapestry is currently developing a website on Animals and Religion, with a projected completion date of 2022. Tapestry will ten develop online courses in anymal studies on subjects as wide-ranging as anymal ethics, ecofeminism, and intersectional activism. The first of these courses is projected to open in 2023.

To learn more about Tapestry, please email: Lisa Kemmerer.