Education on Behalf of All Living Beings

Founded by philosophy and religion scholar and Professor Emeritus Dr. Lisa Kemmerer, Tapestry is an educational nonprofit for scholars and activists working on behalf of anymals.

A wide-angle understanding of oppressions is central to Tapestry’s educational vision, mission, and methods. Tapestry recognizes oppressions as part of society just as language is part of society—both are created and maintained by people and communities and both can be modified or completely rejected. As part of the fabric of history and culture, oppressions are neither separate nor distinct from one another or from any other aspects of a given community—all exist in relation to in conjunction with one another.

The Vegan Philosopher

In 2018, Tapestry launched a mentoring program, The Vegan Philosopher to encourage a rigorous international program of research, writing, and teaching in the field of anymal studies. Dr. Kemmerer is mentor for The Vegan Philosopher—mentoring is specifically for those familiar with her work and whose work intersects with or parallels her areas of specialty. Mentoring is generally free for students and activists; priority is given to those less privileged. The Vegan Philosopher also provides free zoom presentations for classrooms, conferences, and other groups/gatherings. Professionals may also contact Dr. K (lisa@vegantapestry.org) to request mentoring at $75 per half-hour session.

Animals and Religion

Animals and Religion is one of Tapestry’s strongest threads: Tapestry houses a traveling banner exhibit on world religions and anymal ethics and an Animals and Religion [http://vegantapestry.org/religion_banner_exhibit.html]website, both the work of Dr. Kemmerer. Each explores anymal ethics (including the ethics of diet) across religious traditions (Indigenous, Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, Jewish, Christian, and Islamic). The banner exhibit was created for a general audience and is suitable for schools, churches, conferences, and museums; the website has something for everyone, but is oriented more toward anymal activists and anymal studies scholars.

The Vegan Journey

Tapestry is developing a series of online courses, The Vegan Journey, that will focus on diverse, critical areas of study, including ecofeminism, religion and anymals, ethics and anymals, and intersectional activism. True to the vision and mission of Tapestry, courses will be provided either at cost or free of charge.

To participate in Tapestry’s educational process, please leave a donation here.

Oppressions, then, are by definition linked – linked by common ideologies, by institutional forces, and by socialization that makes oppressions normative and invisible.

Introduction to Sister Species